Have you had treatment at an excellent IVF clinic? A clinic where appointments ran to time, communication was clear, doctors were friendly and keen to explain treatments to you?

Or perhaps your experience wasn’t so good? What if you sat in a waiting room for hours, were lumbered with surprise bills and felt pressured to buy treatments you didn’t understand?

Briefly tell us HERE if you are were treated in the UK.

Briefly tell us HERE if you were treated anywhere else in the world.

At present, we’re researching the experiences of patients who have used their own eggs and own sperm only.

Couple embracing with eyes closed. Man kisses his partner on the forehead. IVF Insight. Photo by Kyle Bearden on Unsplash
We all hope this IVF cycle will be the one. Did your IVF clinic give it their best?

The story so far

Our goal is to produce a detailed guide to clinics, so that you, as patients, can choose more easily. As such, the questions have been proposed by those of us who’ve been through the experience.

So far, we’ve tested the questionnaire with patients and had some great feedback on additional questions you’d like to see asked and less common scenarios we need to consider.

There are trends emerging in the data already, but we’ll hold off on publishing until we’ve reached a wider participation group (though it is very tempting!).

IVF Insight is a social enteprise, founded by a patient who did rather a lot of IVF at various clinics. We think that IVF clinic reviews will be fundamental to delivering greater transparency to this industry. Thank you in advance for your participation.

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