Comparing costs between IVF clinics is hard.  Prices at London IVF clinics can vary enormously, particularly as the typical workup and testing regime can add thousands to the basic cycle cost at some clinics. Others seem very reasonably priced in comparison, but only cater to patients who meet their specific critieria.

As such, please do read the notes beneath this table with care. This is designed to be illustrative not definitive. Accordingly, you should make your own price enquiries with your IVF clinic directly.

This is a first stab at creating a comparison table, so your comments would be very welcome please.

Initial consultationincluded180200450200250295
Initial scanincludedn/a - see monitoring cycle250included, as well as AMH and semen test.150included with consultationincluded with consultation
Blood tests*included1500500includedincludedincludednot listed
HFEA feeincluded8080includedincluded80not listed separately (may be included?)
Nurse planningincludedincludedincludedincludedincluded200included
Basic price2500476044308200420039303945
Often recommended:
Immune testing (initial test)980included
Monitoring cycle**600825
Blastocyst transferincluded350600included550550600
Endometrial scratch350
Other scans150
Total for additional treatments03230142501050550600
Immune treatment and follow up tests****0000s0000s
Likely total for work up plus IVF:2500799058558200525044804545
Likely total with ICSI3600919070559200655056805795
Plus meds***medication includedvariablemedication included

‘Work Up’ Assumptions:

This assumes you’ve had screening tests done at your GP recently. If you have not, you’ll have to pay for those as well because they are mandatory in accordance with HFEA requirements.

Most clinics will also accept semen test results from the NHS, but if they don’t, again that’s an extra.

Important Notes on IVF Costs

*Blood tests are often used by clinics to check your hormone levels as a cycle progresses. Typically, you might have three or four of these tests at the same time as your scans, but at some clinics you’ll have these tests daily or even twice daily. We’ve put in an approximation so you aren’t caught unaware of this hidden cost.

**Monitoring cycles are where a clinic asks you to come in at various points in your cycle before treatment commences so they can scan you and perform hormone blood tests. At some clinics this is a standard part of the workup so should be allowed for in your budget.

***Costs for medication refers to the usual stimulation drugs (Gonal F, etc), trigger injections and progesterone. This is variable depending on you as a patient and your clinic’s preferred approach – some clinics like to push hard with high doses of stimulation drugs, others prefer a lower dose approach. Few patients will spend less than £1000, most will spend significantly more.

****Costs for reproductive immunology tests and treatment – if you choose to have it – can run to thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of pounds. Some clinics are keen on it.

Clinic Participation:

abcIVF, CRGH, Fertility Plus and Harley Street Fertility Clinic all confirmed that their prices were up-to-date.

ARGC, IVI and LWC did not respond to our request (as of 23/10/18). This means you should be especially careful to ask for an up-to-date price list before you book a consultation.

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