It is easier to compare IVF costs in London City and East clinics because as a rule of thumb, the four clinics here do not routinely recommend the additional procedures and testing that some of their Harley Street colleagues adore. Of course, they have those tools up their sleeves, but they appear to be very much additional treatments rather than a core part of the work up. This means the table is much simpler!

That said, as ever, you should definitely read the notes below! And these prices are illustrative, not definitive – in other words, you should make your own enquiries with your clinic before you choose to proceed with treatment.

Clinic nameBartsCity FertilityCreate FertilityLister (Shard)
Initial consultation*205350385210
Initial scan185part of packagepart of packagenot usually necessary
Blood tests**included332400592
HFEA feeincluded808080
Basic price3565394244104472
Often recommended:
Blastocyst transferincludedincludedincluded615
Follow-up consultation (if needed)unknown100includedincluded
Pregnancy scan (if needed)includedincludedincluded165
Likely total for work up plus IVF:3565404244105252
Likely total with ICSI4590499255106642
Plus meds***

‘Work Up’ Assumptions:

This assumes you’ve had screening tests done at your GP recently. If you have not, you’ll have to pay for those as well because they are mandatory in accordance with HFEA requirements.

Most clinics will also accept semen test results from the NHS, but if they don’t, again that’s an extra.

Important notes on IVF costs:

*City Fertility notes that the price quoted includes other elements as part of their package – namely AMH and AFC scan. If you’ve got recent AMH results already, the consultation as a standalone is £200.

Similarly, Create Fertility’s consultation fee also includes a scan – but this is mandatory irrespective of other recent scans, treatment or test results.

**Blood tests are often used by clinics to check your hormone levels as a cycle progresses. At these clinics, you might have three or four of these tests at the same time as your scans. We’ve put in an approximation so you aren’t caught unaware of this additional cost. We’ve erred to the upper side of the clinics’ estimates, assuming you need 4 tests as there is some range (City Gennet observes the range on this is between £114 and £415 depending on which tests you need and how many).

***Costs for medication refers to the usual stimulation drugs (Gonal F, etc), trigger injections and progesterone. This is variable depending on you as a patient and your clinic’s preferred approach. Some clinics like to push hard with high doses of stimulation drugs, others prefer a lower dose approach. Few patients will spend less than £1000, most will spend significantly more.

City Fertility advised us that, “Our medication prices are cheaper than online pharmacies or ASDA.” (ASDA sell IVF medicines at cost price).

IVF Clinic Participation

City Fertility (Gennet) notes that they run two types of packages – ‘Standard’ and ‘Complete’. To enable like-for-like comparison, we’ve used ‘Standard’ as the basis for this exercise. It may be that ‘Complete’ is more appropriate for you as a patient if you need screening tests or are likely to have embryos to freeze – this will save you money compared to the pay-as-you-go tariff. Their consultants will make a recommendation of which package is best for you.

Lister also confirmed that their price list was up-to-date and applicable to their Chelsea and Elstree clinics as well.

Barts and the London and Create Fertility not respond to our request (as of 3/12/18). This means you should be especially careful to ask for an up-to-date price list before you book a consultation.

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