Looking to talk to IVF patients!

We’re looking to talk to IVF patients about their experiences at clinics to produce the first fully independent qualitative guide to IVF clinics.

IVF Insight is a small publisher, founded and led by patients. But we need you! If you would be willing to talk to one of our very sensitive interviewers on the phone, anonymously and confidentially, about your experiences (e.g. waiting times, how well the clinic communicated, any consultants you thought were brilliant – or not! – please do get in touch.

We’re a social enterprise. That means over half of of the profits from the publication will go back into the social mission. We’re aiming to:

  • increase the number of healthy pregnancies and babies born to infertile and subfertile patients by providing an impartial, objective source of information for primary and secondary medical infertility patients in choosing an appropriate fertility treatment programme, and
  • increase patient wellbeing as we prepare to undergo fertility treatment by empowering them with relevant data so we have more control over our journey.

Happy to talk? Thank you! Please drop us an email at alee@ivfinsight.com

Patients are sharing reviews of IVF Clinics in our survey

Woman sits on sofa with laptop
Patient filling out IVF survey

With the help of a handful of passionate patients, the first iteration of our first IVF survey is now live. Patients have told us exactly what they would have wanted to know when they were choosing an IVF clinic. Questions are led from their experiences (both positive and negative). Indeed, sometimes a patient has said, “But why would you ask that? This wasn’t a problem for me…” and then another patient from a different clinic will raise it as their top issue! So hopefully, we’ve captured the spectrum of possible concerns.

This survey matters because it mean that as patients we have somewhere we can share our experiences of IVF clinics.With your help, we’ll be able to then measure and compare the performance of clinics, through patients’ eyes.

There has been much press coverage of late around IVF clinics, their practices in selling add-ons, the extent to which they are providing evidence for claims, etc. But that debate is led entirely by clinics fighting amongst each other for market share. As patients we have no voice. This must change. 

We’ll be collecting reviews and, at least initially, looking over them before publishing (just to make sure they’re on topic). So, if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare and would like to share your experiences, good or bad, with other patients, thank you!

PS – Obviously we don’t ask for your name in the survey and in fact would encourage you to ensure any comments you make are anonymous.