Is Bourn Hall the UK’s most supportive IVF clinic?

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IVF counselling support.

I recently chatted with Nicola Graver, a Director at Bourn Hall clinics, a chain in East Anglia, to discuss their approach to treatment and what made them unique. One aspect of Bourn Hall’s approach that deeply impressed me, was their commitment to looking after their patients on the journey – and this isn’t just lip service.

Bourn Hall offers all patients free access to independent specialised counselling which can be on site at their clinics, off site (for example at the patient’s home at no additional cost) or through Skype according to the patient’s preference. Patients may have three inclusive counselling sessions up to one year after the end of treatment.

In other words, the counselling is built into the cycle cost rather than being something that patients have to shell out for on top of the rest. It isn’t an afterthought. A box to tick. On the contrary, such a program demonstrates a clinic has given thought to the patient experience with all its ups and downs.

Not all clinics place great emphasis on supporting their patients through what can be an extremely difficult journey, full of not-always-welcome surprises. And whilst it is tempting to kick off a series of best practice posts on grittier matters of pricing, protocols, etc. actually Bourn Hall impressed me with their warm and empathetic approach.

But that’s just me. If you’re a Bourn Hall patient and you’ve got any comments on this, I would love to hear from you. You understand better than anyone the stresses of IVF.

As I speak with other clinics, I’ll be shining a light on other ‘stand out’ practices across the industry.

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