The Problem

Picking an IVF clinic and understanding why you are being recommended a course of treatment is a nerve-wracking process. Patients are often under pressure in terms of time (the aging problem) and money (to fund treatment) and sometimes their relationships with partners, employers, etc.

IVF Insight will provide an impartial, objective source of data for primary and secondary medical infertility patients in choosing appropriate treatment. You can read more about our social mission here.

We are nearing launch.

Please drop us an email below to get in touch. We currently have a small team of volunteer science/medical writers helping us to put together resources around the key debates in fertility treatment. If you’d be interested in joining in, please do drop us a line.


About Us

We are taking part in Cambridge University’s Social Ventures incubation programme this year.

Founder, Anita Lee, is a successful internet entrepreneur as well as the mother of a two year old boy, born after IVF treatment. It is this experience that has prompted her to do something for other patients.

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